Don't wait for tomorrow to breathe


Changes. Situations that we judge as "good" or "bad" occur constantly. Some changes are so subtle that we hardly notice them.
It is quite common for a change to come to someone's life and, suddenly, a multitude of thoughts such as supposed difficulties that will occur because of this change or nostalgia for past times that seemed better invade the present of this person, transforming it into a raft without heading at the mercy of all this stream of thoughts. And if this person is not aware that has been possessed by all that mental noise, the person will resist change. However, since life only wants you to live in the only real moment that is now, it will give a warning to that person who is unconscious. For example, something totally unexpected might happen that causes all that mental noise, all the worries that were floating around, to automatically vanish. In an instant, all that mental castle of worries and nostalgia disappears and there is silence. For those who have not experienced such silence in their lives, it can be overwhelming and even terrifying at first. The good news is that if you accept this braking of the mind, you have taken the first step in a new way of living, which is the true way of living.
Something happens when you accept the present moment for what it is: constant change. You allow yourself to experience all the possibilities from a new perspective. You are aware that building retaining walls in the face of what is, by making up the different situations in which life manifests itself, leads to resisting changes and, therefore, suffering. Does this mean resigning? Nothing is further from reality. Resignation is an unconscious idea product of expectations (which are other unconscious ideas). Resigning consists of suffering because life was not what we hoped it would have to be. This is caused by identification with the thoughts that pass through our mind. Something like "if this happens in my life like this, everything will be fine." Waiting for things to happen according to our wishes in the future so that everything goes well is like waiting for tomorrow to breathe. Breathing happens now, or it doesn't.
Accepting life as it is lacks expectations because being in the present moment and at the same time in an imaginary life is impossible.
Living consciously everything that happens in the present moment, here and now, is the true purpose of all the changes that occur on the surface of the real.

Excerpt from The changes, by MarĂ­a de la Sera. Year: 2050