Ferrol en Festas

Here you have the poster that I have created for Ferrol festivities for the year 2022:
.The idea that started this image came from the concepts "fiestas" (party/festival) and "Ferrol" (the city). From "fiestas" the San Ramón fireworks ceremony came to mind, and from "Ferrol" one of its most recognizable symbols: its estuary flanked by the castles of San Felipe and La Palma.
Based on these two concepts, the composition of the work went around the day/night duality: the lower zone (day) represented by the entrance of the estuary with boats heading to the city and to the core of the party, represented in the upper part of the composition (night) by the geometric shapes of the fireworks.
(Personal note: the fireworks ceremony could not be held these last two years due to the pandemic, and this is a fact that I was aware of after finishing this poster. So, I found curious and beautiful that the fireworks are the main reason for this work without being aware of thist fact).
In addition to the poster itself, I was in charge of adapting the design to multiple formats for different media, as well as the design of the front of the main stage of the concerts of these parties, located in Armas Square: