Framefilm #10: Zoom back camera

 This is the synopsis of The Holy Mountain according to IMDB: "In a world full of corruption and greed, a powerful alchemist leads a prophetic character and seven materialistic men to a Holy Mountain where they hope to find enlightenment."

Synopsis I didn't know when I first saw this movie. This led me to have no idea what I was going to see, with the subsequent impact. I had never seen anything like it, especially because of the way I saw it: a co-worker (and this will be about 20 years ago) told me: "Here's a CD with a movie that I'm sure you've never seen anything like it" . So it was. Especially since the sound was out of rhythm. Seeing The Holy Mountain for the first time with the sound out of sync... is quite an experience.

I didn't actually watch the whole thing because I didn't see any point in it. Later, I saw it in optimal conditions and that's when I said: "oh...ok". And it hooked me. And what an ending.

Obviously, I recommend it. Here I leave the trailer. If you see the film, I wish you a happy trip.