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The Balcony

Once upon a time there was a young person who, from time to time, some coins appeared in his hands to enjoy a space trip departing from the "Balcony", which was the name of the bar that was next to his house, and in which there was a recreational machine waiting for someone to embark on that temporary trip. Once upon a time there was an older person who, from the balcony of inner space, found a version of this journey and brought it into this world for you to embark upon.  


  Chips as a symbol of the thoughts that accumulate, trying to come to life to dominate the consciousness that inhabits the person. Transcending this stage consists of letting go and understanding that thoughts do not dominate because they are unconscious. They simply arise like waves in the sea. They are transitory if there is no attachment to them. They are permanent if the person clings to them.

Mr. Gutiérrez

"The truth is, it was quite a surprise to see him standing there, with that familiar pose and very attentive to what was happening on the opposite sidewalk. People used to talk about Mr. Gutiérrez, or about details of Mr. Gutiérrez's personality, such as his introverted character, his mysterious past or his secret adventures that they say he lived. For all this, and as a sign of respect, I will stay here, without disturbing him, enjoying this moment and watching how he watches." Geraldine Gutiérrez, March 2450. UNIDAD Web Page  

The Boatman

  "The sunken boat is the perfect opportunity to take off," said the spirit trapped in it. The luggage, only the necessary: ​​nothing. He had given everything in compensation for the gift of life. He said goodbye to his loved ones, and those not so loved too, only as he knew: waving his left hand while his right held the rudder. His last wish: "let life do. Thank you". And life did what it had to do.


He believed that cutting off her head would end everything. He was wrong.